We're so glad
you made it.

Sharing is not caring in Scam City and puts you at major risk of banking crime.

Choose your endgame and learn how to spot the SCAM.


Seems too good
to be true

News flash: your gut instinct doesn’t only work when you’re hungry. Listen to your gut when you hear someone promise or offer you something that seems just that little bit too good to be true.


Contacted out
of the blue

You have stared at your phone all day, hoping and waiting for a message or call (haven’t we all been there!). Never click on links from unsolicited sources, and never share your confidential information with them either!


Asked for
banking details

It doesn’t matter if he sounds like Morgan Freeman or she can sing like Celine Dion, never give your password details or banking details to anyone over the phone, via SMS or email. 


Money is

Facebook messaging is totes 2016, so you should already be skeptical of people using Facebook messaging these days, let alone whether or not their request for money is true. As for WhatsApp, emails and phone calls, be wary of scammers begging for money while posing as friends or family.

You are your
money's best

Notify your bank and the SAPS immediately if you think you’ve been a victim of a banking crime.