Phew! Thanks
for making
the right click

Unfortunately, that’s no reason to relax. Scammers are active this festive season and you’ll need to stay alert. 
Choose your endgame and learn how to spot the SCAM.


Seems too good
to be true

News flash: your gut instinct doesn’t only work when you’re hungry. Listen to your gut when you hear someone promise or offer you something that seems just that little bit too good to be true – because it is. Rather do your research about the product, pet or special offer before making any payments to unknown online traders.


Carrying cash

So you’ve been saving up handfuls of cash to spend at the mall this festive season. Be careful, criminals know you’re locked and loaded with money and will attempt to rob you when you least expect it. Never carry large amounts of cash with you this season and rather make online payments instead.



Excited to withdraw your hard-earned cash from the ATM, but something seems a little off? Inspect the ATM before giving it your card. If the card slot seems wobbly or weird to you – don’t use the machine. Similarly, if a stranger offers to give you help, don’t accept it! Never let anyone help you at an ATM even if they happen to be Morgan Freeman or Celine Dion.


Money is

So you’ve been dreaming of that idyllic holiday getaway all year and someone phones you out of the blue with the perfect offer? This may seem like divine intervention, but most likely it’s a scam – especially when they start asking for urgent deposits and payment. Never make payments in a rush or do business with someone without double-checking their validity.

You are your
money's best

Notify your bank and the SAPS immediately if you think you’ve been a victim of a banking crime.